Everyone thinks to change the world but no one thinks of changing himself ” Tolstoy “


To create greater possibilities for ways to being in life.


“You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.”
– Galileo Galilei

Here, you will find safety, empathy, a listening ear and support to help you unlock your potential as a human being.

Birch Tree and Coaching ? 

Thank you for asking.

The birch tree is a pioneer species and a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, and growth.
It is a sacred tree in the Celt mythology and is thought to have a protective influence.
Trees are known to be powerful.
Studies done about the Japanese concept called Shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing”) have demonstrated the power of trees in terms of growth, open-mindedness, strength and inner peace.

The transformative Coaching is a collaborative conversation that brings about change.it is about growing, new behaviours, reflection, strength…

if you need to explore in your Professional or Personal needs in terms of career development  or a growing relationship or being struggling to communicate in the same area with your lover or your family, at work or in life in general.

if you have doubts and rollercoaster emotions or you are feeling sometimes that you are not good for something despite that you are or you feel a lack of recognition at work or you are feeling that you need/want to be love in a personal or professional view to feel better.

Why not considering to talk about it with me ?

You will find safety, empathy, a listening ear and support to help you unlock your potential as a human being. We will create together a warm safe space to explore your needs, Because you are important, step up and send me an email. I will be happy to put my experience and my time too and help you to go further.


My name is Emmanuel.

As a Transformational Coach, my goal is to focus on you by creating a safe space between us, where you will be guaranteed a listening ear, empathy and safety.
I am a multi-accredited professional (with expertise in the areas of business development, account management and entreprise ressources. (Planning) and an innovative selfstarter with demonstrated problemsolving skills.
I have an aptitude for managing large-scale projects, implementing advanced employee training programs and community engagement strategies to maintain customer satisfaction while expanding the company’s current customer base.
My purpose is to put both my personal and professional experience at your disposal.


  • You are questioning yourself on:
  • Your personal relationship.
  • Your professional relationship with your colleagues, manager, customers.
  • Your life projects.
  • A new professional challenge, project or change.
  • Moving.
  • Self-Development.
  • Anything else. 


what do you want to do ?

You can embrace the journey of exploring  your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and assumptions to open your mind and your heart, ready to grow.

For this we will have an humanistic and psychological approach using differents  systems like :

The Thinking Environment

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Transactional Analysis


And many more…







  • Find the answer,
  • feel the freedom.
  • Staying focus.
  • Gain strength and confidence.
  • Being ready for the next step.